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PFS Power Flush Systems Ltd is one of Irelands first power flushing companies to specialise in the cleaning and treating of domestic central heating systems.

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Corrosion and Scale cause internal damage to the central heating system and depending on how advanced this is, leaks may occur during or after the power flush. The power flushing doesn’t cause the leaks but it can uncover leaks that have been sealed up by the sludge or lime scale inside the system which is removed during the power flushing process. Unfortunately there is no way of telling if leaks are going to occur. Therefore any leaks or damage caused by leaks are not covered under our guarantee. (They may be covered under your house insurance.)

On average there is less than 5% chance of a leak occurring during power flushing and most leaks occur while we are on site so we can deal with them straight away. Even if you do not get a power flush done leaks would eventually occur anyway.